Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Roy Greenhilt Unpacking and Assembly

Just a few days back I had a nice little package arrive from overseas, my first purchase from Morland Studios. Upon opening the box I found a securely packed blister pack containing the 32 mm Roy Greenhilt miniature. For those unfamiliar with Roy, he is the leader of Order of the Stick, the protagonists of a most excellent webcomic by Rich Burlew at Giant in the Playground.

Also coming along with the purchase was a 29 page assembly and painting guide by Maya Morland (Sent as a pdf along with notice of shipping), which I think would get even the most inexperienced hobbyist through the procedure of making Roy more than a few parts in a blister box.

So, back to the blister, Roy is made from 2 metal leg parts where one has the part that goes into the slotted base. both arms and two eyebrow options are also supplied in metal, while the head and torso is a 1-part resin as is his sword.

The pieces are fairly well cast, although the head and torso had a bit of flash and some mold lines. Still nothing that couldn't be handled with a gentle scraping with a sharp blade.

Now that I was actually handed such a detailed assembly guide I tried to follow the steps provided with the miniature. However it soon turned out I started doing it my own way (I guess that comes with having assembled miniatures for some time). Anyways what I did was:

  1. First up was the eyebrows, where I went with the angry eyebrows, thinking that if Roy is going to be fighting other minis he should look a bit angry. 
  2. Next the right leg was inserted into the base
  3. As the third part I glued both hands to the sword, which was a major diversion from the assembly guide, but I was quite certain it would be easier to mount the hands on the sword and then mount the arms on the torso instead of doing it arm then sword then arm.
  4. While the sword and hands were drying I put in the left leg in the torso part
  5. Then I put the arms on the torso. This was a bit tricky and required extensive drilling of the holes for the arms. 
  6. Finally I attached the torso to the right leg...and PRESTO! Roy Greenhilt assembled...

So what to say in conclusion. Roy is a great figure, but I'm biased though as I'm a big fan of the comic. I think that Sebastian Archer that sculpted the mini has done a great job taking a 2-dimensional stick figure and making it 3-dimensional. 

I think the parts are very fiddly, especially the arms are quite tricky to work with, so one certainly has to be careful and patient when assembling the miniature. Although it looks like it'll fall over since only one leg is supporting it, the miniature, once assembled, seems quite solid and robust. How it'll withstand actual gaming time will tell though. 


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    1. Yeah I like it. I hope they make the entire Order of the Stick party at some point.