Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Open Fire Germans Assembly

Well time for another update. Due to a busy schedule hobby time has been reduced significantly for the last months, however a few things have been happening.

In this post I'll quickly show the product from last week, the germans from the Flames of War Open Fire box set. I'll only focus on the germans since The Black Knight (co-author of this blog) took the allied troops of my hands (perhaps he'll post some pics of those later)

Anyways the german side consists of :
3 Stug III G,
2 PaK40
Grenadiers (10 stands)
Panzershrek (1 stand)
Commands (4 stands in total)
1 V1 Flying Bomb
Cardboard tokens and objective markers

Everything comes nicely packed and with easy to follow assembly instructions. I guess in total it took about 1½ hour to assemble everything while watching a bit of TV on the side.

Forgive the poor picture quality, but I forgot our camera at some family during the holidays and thus I have to resort to the camera of my iPad, which is less than stellar when taking pictures indoors in the evening I think. Closeups will follow once painting starts and I get my camera back :)

Anyways, one thing I really appreciated was that the there is a very clear and concise guide to which models goes on which bases for the grenadiers. For someone quite new to FoW and unknowing of the weaponry of WWII this is actually a huge benefit, that I can actually assemble the rifle/MG teams so they are correctly based.

There's been some discussion of that the allied tanks didn't really fit well together, this has not been the case for the Stugs where the parts fitted very nicely and only slight trimming of sprue remains was necessary. So I guess all in all I think the set is really nice and provides a good amount of troops considering the price.

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